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What Are Your Rabbit Ramblings?
CHRS is always looking for new and better ways to communicate with our members. We want to keep you informed of chapter activities without
overwhelming your inboxes.

Our chapter blog, Rabbit Ramblings,
was originally used as an informal means of communicating information about chapter activities,
such as adoptions and opportunities to volunteer.
Reading the blog is a purely voluntary activity, which means that you can pick and choose
the entries you wish to read!

We have had a positive response to the blog and would like to build on its success by increasing its role as an informal communication tool for the chapter as a whole.

 We are very aware that our members' lives are busier
than ever. Our hope is that the blog can help to keep our members tied in to the CHRS community without a significant time commitment.

Therefore, I am inviting you to submit content for the blog that might be of interest
to other chapter members!

A variety of topics would be
welcome, including:
  • Stories about living with your rabbit.
  • Links to interesting articles about rabbit health, behavior, etc.
  • Your impressions of a chapter event or other chapter-related activity.
  • Notices of a serious illness or death in the family.

This is NOT a one-time offer. When you think of something, send it along!

Also, please feel free to send your comments and suggestions for how to improve the blog.
Please send all content to:

Thanks for your support!

Sue Mangold
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August 13, 2008

Angie's List

My apologies if I'm late to the party but I discovered today that Angie's List includes reviews of area veterinarians. Personally, I am an Angie's List fanatic. [My backyard currently looks like a war zone due to the efforts of a landscaper I hired to fix my drainage problems. I chose him because of Angie's List reviews. Yes, it's temporary. Yes, I remain optimistic that it's going to be fabulous when it's done!]

I wonder how many people choose a veterinarian through Angie's List. I have to admit I gulped when I saw the A rating given to a veterinary clinic that committed fraud against me and one of my rabbits. So if you have a vet that you really love, and if you're a subscriber to Angie's List, please submit a report. There may be an exotics owner out there looking for a good exotics vet. I will be doing one for the Norton Road folks.