Finding a Home for Your Rabbit

The Columbus House Rabbit Society rescues as many rabbits as it can from local shelters, leaving no room for foster rabbits surrendered by individuals. If you are thinking of relinquishing your rabbit, here are our recommendations:

If the problem is behavior, please consult the House Rabbit Society website, which contains a wealth of information on dealing with common behavioral problems. And feel free to contact one of our educators for advice.

If you must give up your rabbit, we strongly encourage you to try to re-home your rabbit yourself. The House Rabbit Society offers tips for finding a good home for an unwanted rabbit. These general tips from Best Friends Animal Society are also useful.

If you are unable or unwilling to find your rabbit a new home, the best option is the Capital Area Humane Society. CAHS evaluates rabbits for placement on their adoption floor based on health, behavior, and available space. If you want your rabbit considered for placement by CAHS, please call the Admissions Office at (614) 777-7387, ext. 208, before bringing the rabbit in.

We strongly advise you to NOT give your rabbit to a pet store. Also, we strongly advise NOT advertising the rabbit as free to a good home since free rabbits may be acquired for snake food.

Above all, please do not turn your rabbit loose outdoors to suffer a short, frightening life and painful death from predators, starvation, or exposure.

If you can’t find a home for your rabbit and CAHS is unable to hold it for adoption, they will accept it for humane euthanasia.