Memorial Contributions

We would like to acknowledge the generous donations we have received on behalf of a person or friend's beloved companion that has passed over the rainbow bridge.



?? – August 15, 2012

When I first met Burton his name was Andy, he was into everything, ate lots of goodies, and peed on the floor. A few days later I took him home and gave him a name after one of my favorite magicians, Lance Burton. From there, I looked at Burton and asked myself, "What are we going to do?" For the next year Burton taught me that even the simplest of creatures were significantly complicated and wonderful. He taught me to relax, taught me patience, and showed me unconditional love. He wasn't a fan of my neurotic furniture moving, but he still ran figure eights under my feet each day I came home from school or work. As the years went by he became more destructive and grumpy, and he wasn't fond of his late roommate, Lil' Miss Abra, the dwarf bun. Burton earned himself an entire room, cage-free, after a few more years and many more pats. He saw the arrival of new feline friends and lost some friends, but he remained Burton. Each day I'd walk up the stairs and see him binky across the room at my arrival home. He ventured to a new home with my sister when I fell ill, where he lived out the remaining years of his life as happy as a bun in a dandelion field. I visited him often, especially when bunny sitting. Other than my new allergy to hay, my relationship with Burton had not changed. He was my Buddy Buns through and through. Through many moves, an ice storm, and many schedule changes, Burton adapted well - as did I. I love you Burton, and I will miss you very much. Thank you for being a part of my life. I consider myself blessed for having crossed paths with you, and having the opportunity to be your person while you were on this earth. I love you.

Nick Shaeffer

Burton has been a member of the Shaeffer/Dean family since 2004. After his daddy developed a severe allergy to hay, Burton moved in with us where he resided in the “TV room.” I’m sitting in that room now, thinking about Burton’s antics. If he thought for a second that you were coming in to sit down, he was running over to see you, binkying all the way. He just loved snuggles and kisses. Thanks to the work my brother did, Burton was one of those rabbits that didn’t mind being held. With his silky fur, this was a special treat. I became very skilled at eating dinner on the floor with one hand petting Burton. One of Burton’s favorite past times was performing couch binkies. Despite his age, he looked like a youngster, racing up and down the cushions. The picture you see is of Burton sitting on the back of his favorite couch. I’m sad that my daughter only spent a short time with Burton before he passed. In that time, he was very gentle with her, letting her pat his soft fur. We lost Burton unexpectedly to Bloat but he died peacefully surrounded by his family. We miss you, Burty.

Heather, John and Avery Dean

Laine and Doug Kathary are the sponsors of Burton's memorial.


Teddy December, 2011

Teddy and Maggie were part of a rescue of 17 rabbits that became known as the "Barn Bunnies". Each was adopted shortly after the rescue. Teddy was surrendered because of a divorce two years later. We were looking for a buddy for our female rabbit and she picked Teddy after many other dates. Hope and Teddy were not together very long when she became ill and died. Now we were looking for a buddy for Ted. About this time Maggie was surrendered mostly due to lack of interest and after a few dates with other buns Teddy picked Maggie. They were great friends for the last few years until Maggie died. We tried really hard to find a new friend for Teddy but he seemed happy as a single guy. Teddy died in December. That circle is complete but a new one starts today with us taking in another surrendered rabbit.

Laine and Doug Kathary

Thanks to Shelley and Karalee & Chuck for this memorial.


Hoosier "BunBun" 2004-October 26, 2011

They say there is a special bond between pets and their people, but until you've experienced it yourself it's difficult to comprehend. Hoosier BunBun was that gift to me. In 2005 my (now husband) Nick decided to take me to Capital Area Humane Society to check out the rabbits. Being a cat person initially I had no idea people really had pet rabbits, or if they did, they lived outside in a hutch. Boy was I in for a surprise. Hoosier taught me that rabbits can have a life and personality all their own that no cat or dog could ever compare to. Coming around the corner I saw this tan nose pressed up against the cage and when I peered in my heart melted. It was the cutest, lop eared bunny I had ever seen. When I opened the door he put his two front paws on me as if to say "I'm ready to go home with you!" It didn't happen right away, in fact BunBun (as I took to calling him) was placed on hold for three different families! As fate would have it-he was never adopted-and so Hoosier came home with me. As the years went on Hoosier got a girlfriend named Mandi Bun who he learned to tolerate. The aging process never seemed to slow him down and as a senior bun Mandi really took care of him and watched out for BunBun. But it was the relationship he had with me that really seemed to blossom- I was his "big bunny.' His voice, his best friend, and the one he was most eager to see. He slowed down, but his attitude was always so happy. Hoosier took to following me at my feet and when studying he would not allow me to sit by myself-he was always present, sitting right by my hip offering an occasional lick to my leg to remind me to pet his nose. I miss him. Even at the end Hoosier wanted me to know I was his-offering me a tooth purr to remind me that everything would be OK. You can't replace a bun like Hoosier, but that kind of love teaches you to open your heart. Mandi and I have each other now-and while quiet and shy I see her face perk up when she hears my voice. To quote Humphrey Boagart- "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

Shannon Mac

Karen Winstead and Danielle Patterson are the sponsors of Hoosier's memorial.


Eleanor "Ellie" Dean
??-January 20, 2011

John and I didn't choose Eleanor-Barney did. In 2007, we spent the morning at the Capital Area Humane Society letting Barney meet the bachelorettes. He chose Eleanor-with her beautiful gray fur, bossy attitude, and scrunched up grumpy face. She had been at the shelter for a long time and was not the biggest fan of being pet but over time, she grew to love the attention. The bonding was a cinch and took only 3 weeks. During their time together, the two of them never did fight but were best buds. Eleanor took such good care of Mr. Barney during his struggles with respiratory illness and eventually she lost her buddy, but was with him in the oxygen chamber until the end. For 6 months, Eleanor was without a buddy and we just knew in our hearts that she was lonely. So, off we went to the Capital Area Humane Society. Finding her a buddy was a longer process but eventually she met Frankie. Frankie is a shy little guy but Eleanor made him brave. He protected her and followed her-if you got close to Eleanor, Frankie was right there to make sure she was not in danger. She was even so nice as to let him steal her food…a lot. Eleanor became quite the snuggle bug and was so spoiled that I hand fed her greens and banana. She is the first rabbit that we lost unexpectedly. We know Eleanor was one happy girl having had two special boy bunnies in her life, and a mom and dad who adored her bossy attitude and disapproving nature. Eleanor's life is a constant reminder to us that each day we have with our bunnies should be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest. Frankie misses his Eleanor and is being bonded with a new bun.

John and Heather Dean


Helen Burtsfield
late 2004 (???) to February 25, 2011

Helen was the "chosen" one. After our special needs rabbit Rascal died, I was unable to even think about adopting again. After a couple of months, I started looking at the various websites for rabbits, debating on whether to adopt. If we did adopt, I wanted a bonded couple so they would not be lonely while we were at work. I also wanted to adopt Dutch rabbits based on an article my aunt sent me. I searched websites in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. When I saw the picture of Helen on the Columbus Ohio House Rabbit Society website, I fell in love with the beautiful agouti and white one-eyed bunny who had gone through so much in her short life. Unsure yet of whether to adopt, I continued to search over the next 6 to 8 weeks, especially for a bonded couple, but I kept going back to Helen. There was another rabbit on the website I thought could be a good mate for Helen, so I called Karalee at Columbus Ohio HRS. As it turned out, the other bunny was not available but Karalee had another bunny or two that could be good mates for Helen. My husband and I drove to Columbus, a 5 hour drive, to meet Helen and the potential mates. She was such a beautiful girl, and I was so excited to adopt her. There were two potential mates for her to meet, and she got along so well with the first one, Jackson, that we did not even try her with the second. Helen and Jackson came home with us that very day, and eventually they were bonded to each other. We kept them in separate enclosures next to each other, because otherwise Jackson would have eaten all of Helen's food! Helen was a very athletic rabbit and was able to race around the house, made all the more remarkable since she only had her right eye. She loved to hide under the recliner, and sit at the top of her Cottontail Cottage where she could observe everything. She was also graceful, and when she would jump up on the furniture it looked as if she were floating. She was very adventurous and curious, always wanting to go where she wasn't supposed to go, such as behind the loveseat or the entertainment center. She and Jackson would love to sit together and groom each other, or go exploring together around the house, and when it was time for bed they would race to the french doors separating the living room from the family room to get their bedtime slice of banana. Helen was also nurturing, and when she lost the use of her legs recently and had spinal surgery, she would lick and groom everyone who was taking care of her. She was recovering well from her surgery and starting to move and use her back legs when she suddenly became ill overnight and passed away that morning at the vet's office. Her mommy, daddy and Jackson are heartbroken over the passing of their pretty little princess, and miss her so much. Our only consolation is that she is now whole, able to see out of both eyes, and is racing around in heaven. Helen, you will continue to be in our hearts and we will never forget you and the joy you brought to our lives.

Thank you Karalee for allowing us to adopt this precious little bunny, and thank you Karen for fostering her and sponsoring this memorial.

Greg and Kim Burtsfield
Jackson Burtsfield


Bandit Augustus Jahn
11-22-2001 to 1-7-2011

"We love our pets because they are somehow like ourselves only with more innocence and trust."

Bandit was known as the "The Real Easter Bunny".
A cuddle bunny.
A therapy bunny to his Grandma.
Forever remembered as the softest thing any of us have ever touched.
A pet who had complete trust and adoration for us.
Bandit brought to all who met him joy and comfort.

Thank you Bandit. It was a pleasure to have you in our lives.

Shelley, Grandma and Grandpa


1998? - December 8, 2010

Punkin (aka "Bunners") was the little love of my life for the last 12 years. He died in my arms on December 8, 2010. Although he endured quite a few tooth procedures over the last couple years and some other elderbun issues, he was a fighter with a very strong will to live. I think the spunk he had in his youth translated into his ability to pull through the rough spots. He taught me a lot about patience and perseverance, and how to be a better bunny mom. He gave me everything he had to give, and then some. I am relieved he is now free of his health issues, grateful that I had him in my life for so long, happy when I remember all the good times, cute poses and his sweet personality, and sad because I miss him terribly. The house feels empty without him now. I love you, Bunners, my angel, my sunshine. I hope you're having a ball with lots of new friends over the Rainbow Bridge (especially the girls!). I will never forget you and I'll love you always! You left your paw prints all over my heart and will forever be a part of me. We sure came a long way together. Thank you for lighting up my life, little bun boy. Thank you for being beautiful you - my sweetheart, my snuggle bunny, my precious companion, my sweet Punkin pie, my daily blessing, my daily miracle, my perfect little boy.

Debbie Woischke


Alfie Winstead

Alfie was the first pet I lost, and it took me years to bring myself to write his memorial. Our "dumpling" was a chubby rascal when I brought him home from the shelter. He shed the extra weight in no time, but not the rascality! Small but bossy, he knew how to regulate uppity kitties, and, as one of his shelter friends found out, he didn't like people making cracks about his weight. Alfie knew how to enjoy life: he'd do binky-filled bunny 500s around our family room and dash up the backs of chairs and couches to survey his terrain. Every morning, he'd leap into his fresh hay-filled litterbox like a kid leaping into a gigantic pile of raked leaves. Every evening, he'd grab his bedtime piece of apple and dance 'round and 'round the room with it before settling down to eat it. Despite the ills of age, Alfie's last year was also perhaps his happiest. That was the year he met his two best friends, Benny and Jenny. It was love at first sight. Thank you, Karalee, for sponsoring this memorial.

Karen and Carl Winstead


Jenny Winstead

"That doesn't look like it belongs there!" Carl said, pointing to a big white New Zealand in our neighborhood park one May evening. She played hard to get at first, bounding towards us, then doing an 180-degree turn in mid-air and scampering off into the underbrush. We kept coming back and leaving food for her. After an evening's binky- filled rounds of catch-me-if-you-can, we gave up once more; but early next morning, there she was, out in the open, as if to say, "Hey, you forgot me," and all we had to do was pick her up and take her home. Jenny was always a little shy with people, but she loved her rabbit friends--loved snuggling with them, teasing them, and chasing them-- and they adored her. She was amazingly gentle and mellow, so laid- back that she "volunteered" to be a blood donor for a very sick rabbit. She lived with us for three years, healthy and happy, before she died of a twisted liver lobe. We trust that she's on the other side, snuggling with her pal Alfie. Benny and Owen miss her deeply, and so do we. We are so grateful to the anonymous donor who sponsored this memorial.

Karen and Carl Winstead


(Adopted 2002 @ 6 years old; died 2010)

Benson came to live with my family in July, 2002. A neighbor, who boarded her horse in a stable, told me about this very sweet, overweight bunny who lived in that stable. From time to time, "Bubbles" was allowed to run free around the horses, but most of the time he was in his small, rusty cage with little attention paid to him. Would I take him if she were able to convince his owners to give him up? I agreed, thinking I would foster him until a good home could be found. Two months later, on my way home from work, I received a call from my neighbor telling me she had Bubbles and would drop him off on her way to work that afternoon. When I arrived home, there, on my doorstep, in a tiny rusty cage was this yellowish white overweight bunny with large beautiful brown eyes. It was quite heartbreaking to see him try to move around in his tiny cage, not to mention the filth of the cage and the horse pellets in his food bowl. That evening was spent cutting his nails, pulling out burrs, and getting him settled into a clean area with space to run around. Almost overnight, he went from being a somewhat depressed, passive, do-with-me-what-you-want bunny to a bunny with much personality. He began to do bunny binkies, he loved doing bunny 500's, and he loved his greens. When I would come into the family room, he would always greet me. Within a few months, he lost much of his extra weight and his fur was a shiny white color. By now I had decided to keep "Benson" and to bond him with my bunny, Millie, who had lost her mate six months earlier. It was a match made in heaven! Within one week of bonding, the two were a pair. They had a great life together until Millie went to Rainbow Bridge in October 2006. Eventually, I introduced him to one of my other bunnies, Thelma Louise. Although this match did not work out, they were able to live in pens side by side, and I often found them grooming each other. Over the past three years, Benson began to show signs of aging (he was 13 years old in July, 2009). He lost interest in eating pellets, but still loved his veggies and would eat a mixture of critical care/oatmeal/carrot baby food twice/day on most days. He also received breathing treatments for chronic nasal drainage. Through all of this he maintained his sweet personality and would groom me whenever I held him! One day this past February, he began to have problems with balance and could walk only in circles. I took him to the vet immediately and that was the day he left to join Millie at Rainbow Bridge. It was a sad day, yet, I knew it was the right time to say goodbye. Benson was a dear sweet bunny who had a rich life and gave me lots of joy. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

Eileen, Thelma Louise, April, Schatzie, and Zachary



Our happy little bunny, Charlie, left us this morning to join Jessie, Patience, Winnie and Lady in the heaven where animals go. The trees are always green and the weather mild with soft clouds, golden sun and soft rain showers to make the tender lettuce leaves grow. Peeled banana bits hang from trees, ripe and ready for a little nibble and hay grows fresh every morning, blowing sweet and fragrant in a soft breeze. Friendly hawks, as well as all manner of feline and canine companions provide companionship and romp or swoop over the peaceful place where all bunnies are free and happy and well.

Birdie and Jim Schneider

Esther Sue

Esther Sue
2007? - 28 April 2010

Esther Sue came to the shelter in 2007 with severe head tilt, two chewed ears, and a ton of pluck. She was our fosterling while she was being treated for the head tilt, and when she'd recovered, we couldn't bear to part with her. She had great litterbox habits and the run of our downstairs. She quickly bonded with Zoe the rabbit, and she became Zoe's voice--campaigning for treats and greens and attention. Esther loved life: she loved her treats and hay, she loved skittering around the kitchen and living room, she loved having Zoe to pal around with and doting people to boss, she loved hay and veggies and berry- flavored vitamin C (and cat food--when she could sneak it). Her days were filled with love and fun, but, due to pancreatic cancer, they were way too few. Thank you, Karalee, for sponsoring this memorial to our precious girl.

Karen and Carl Winstead


June 24, 2002 – December 12, 2010

I remember when I first saw you. Your big ears, beautiful shiny black coat, and little white paw. "Jim Sock" as Ross liked to call you. And when I picked you up you gave me your sweet little was true love from that moment on. You were such a sweet and shy little guy. You were always the one that I introduced strangers to because I knew that you would just sweetly lower your head and accept their pets. You were such a sweet little guy to everyone you met. I used to love it whenever I would walk into your room and you would come running over to the pen door to greet me, eagerly looking for a treat. You just loved your lettuce and banana and yet you would take it from my hand so gently. I remember those times that we sat together and you would give me kisses and tooth purr to show your love....those are the times that I will never forget. I remember how excited you used to get for laundry day. You would binky around and nudge our ankles out of sheer excitement during folding time. It was the simple things that made you happy. And then there were the cats....not many rabbits could handle the responsibility of bossing the cats around, but you did it so well. You were so good with them and you just loved to leap in victory after you chased them around the room. It was a job well done, little guy. We will remember you as our "OOOllliverrr", our "Dr. Pepper", and our "hot diggity rabbit". Your beautiful shiny black fur, signature white paw, and shy, loving, and sweet personality will forever remain in our memory. You were a devoted companion and you meant the world to us. You taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. We love you and miss you so very much, Oliver. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories that you gave us, Oliver. We will forever treasure each and every one of them.


December 2009

Sometimes we all need a little validation just to make us feel like we really are accomplishing something and I guess Luigi was mine. A little more than a year ago, we received a call on the CHRS help line telling us that someone had found this darling bunny and was willing to foster him and have him neutered while we tried to find him a home. During the conversation I found out he was currently being housed in great comfort and his people were interested in doing everything they could for him and educating themselves so all would go well. He was such a good boy and they were obviously good people so it came that he found that home he was looking for. We kept in touch and I received pictures of Luigi too. Allison and David Coleman and their family cared for Luigi for the last year, enjoying being a family with a rabbit and all that comes with it. Sadly, last week after a bout with stasis that progressed to a major problem, Luigi had to be euthanized. On necropsy it was found he had a small puncture in his intestine and everything that could have been done was. Allison called me, Luigi’s honorary aunt, the other day to give me the bad news. They really loved that bunny and will miss him very much but he has opened their hearts to the wonderful world of house rabbits.

Laine Kathary sponored Luigi's memorial.


Tucker Martini
10/28/00 to 11/30/09

To our little Tucky Bun:

I will never forget the day we met. I was just a naïve college student looking for a furry new friend. After a couple trips to Karalee’s house for some much needed education, I met two little black bunnies – one with the cutest, wiggly white nose. When you ran right over to me with that adorable little face, nudged my leg and bit me, I knew you were the bunny for me. You didn’t disappoint. Always one for fun and excitement, there was never a dull moment in our house. You were certainly king of the castle. You claimed the furniture, lounged on the couch, jumped onto the coffee table to sneak treats, and opened the pantry door whenever you got the chance. A well traveled bun you were – moving to multiple places and across the country from Ohio to Texas and you never skipped a beat. When we brought home a girl for you, you were under impressed. You would look at me and I could just see that you were asking - Why do I need to share all my stuff with this girl bunny? I was fine on my own! After 6 months though, you realized it was nice to have that pretty girl to snuggle with and to groom you even if you were always so stingy about grooming back. Your Daddy loved it when you would jump onto his chest while he was watching TV and shove your little head under his hands for pets – and it always had to be both hands. You demanded complete and undivided attention. And when you got older and the arthritis stiffened your hips, you would snuggle with me on the floor and rest your heavy little head on my leg, demanding attention for as long as you could get it. Never a shy bun, you loved to greet those that came to visit and see if you could talk them into petting you. Never one to turn down some pets. If anyone left food or a drink near the floor, you were always the first to notice. We were heart broken when we found out that your kidneys were failing. We did everything we could to keep you comfortable and you just seemed to take it in stride. You were such a fighter and never gave up, not even when it was your time to go. You waited for us to be there which we are so grateful for. Those last few weeks with you were very special and it was like you knew your time here was drawing to a close. You left behind a beautiful girl who joined you in heaven just a few short weeks later. Our lives were touched by you, Tucker, and will never be the same without you. We love you very much and miss you terribly everyday when you aren’t there in the kitchen, begging for food and tripping us to remind us that it’s dinner time. We are so grateful for the time we shared and will always remember you, our one and only Bubba Bun.

Teresa & Aaron


Abby Martini
?? – 12/20/09

To our Sweet Girl:

We brought you home to be a friend to our only furry child, Tucker, as we were away from home more and didn’t want him to be lonely. The first introduction went fairly well at Karalee’s but when we tried it again at home, it was a little bit rough. You were always so sweet, just wanted to be loved, even if he was a brat. He bit you, scratched you, batted you, and ignored you and you still persisted until he finally caved and fell head over heals in love with you. You two made a great pair and lived together in harmony for 5 long years – our yin yang bunnies. You were always our quiet bun, much shier than your cohort, but boy could you get into trouble! You were quite the redecorator – pillows, couch cushions, rugs, and carpet. It didn’t matter if you had toys of your own – our stuff just tasted better. You were a loyal companion to your man, such a good Girl Bunny. Every trip to the vet, you were by his side. There when he went to sleep and there when woke up from surgery. When Tucker’s illness began to take control, you were always there to support and love. You didn’t seem to mind that he lost his litter box habits or started to smell a little different. You would adjust to the new living arrangements and groom him anyway. The night we lost him, we were so worried about you but, after a few lonely days, you seemed to bounce right back. A much stronger bunny than we had ever given you credit for. The last few weeks of your life, we had no idea what was happening inside your little body. Such a strong girl, you hid everything until it was too late. We bonded deeply those last few weeks with more snuggles and purrs than you had given the whole time we were blessed to have you. I hope that you did not suffer those last few hours but can take solace knowing that you are now reunited with your beloved boy and will not be lonely anymore. Our home feels so quiet without you. I miss our breakfast time together. We love you and miss you, our beautiful Abby Girl.

Teresa & Aaron


??-October 8,2009

Writing a memorial tribute for our little Chloe is not easy. There is so much to say but I can’t seem to find words to say it. I feel that words can’t really describe the bond that she and I shared, but it was intense and so full of love. Chloe was the type of bunny that grew attached to just a couple of people. She has been described as shy but I believe that she was just somewhat introverted, like her Mommy. We spent time together morning and night with me getting up almost an hour early just to make sure we had time together. Completing books for my Book Club was something we enjoyed doing together. She was a great reading companion as she rarely chewed the book and would sit next to me to keep me company. John and I had very different relationships with Chloe. She was my cuddle bug, always next to me and soaking up the pets and kisses. Over the years she would even let me give her hugs and squeezes…on her terms, of course. John shared his love of music with Chloe. They both loved the sound of an acoustic guitar. Chloe would sit under the desk and listen intently to music, and she especially loved when he would play his guitar. One of John’s other important roles was to give Chloe her medications. Chloe suffered from what we believe was e.cuniculi. She battled this illness for 4 years and continued to love life despite the dizziness and the inability to clean herself properly. As a family we adjusted and made time for Chloe baths which I think she secretly enjoyed although she’d never admit it. Taking care of Chloe’s health gave us a chance to have some very personal time with her. I’m glad she let us know when she was not feeling well and had grown tired of her illness. Life is very different now without Chlo-Bear. When I come upstairs, she is no longer waiting for me by the bedroom door. We no longer see that light brown nose peeking out from under the bed to say hello. Thankfully about a week before she passed, we had family portraits taken with all four of the bunnies, a constant and precious reminder of our Chlo-Bear.

Heather and John Dean

Laine Kathary sponored Chloe's memorial.


June 24, 2002 - July 22, 2009

You were quite possibly the most adorable creature I had ever laid my eyes on when I first saw you. You were perfect in every way. You got off to a rough start, but I couldn't help but take you in and love you. You captured my heart from the very first moment that I saw you. I just loved how you would perch on my shoulder and sit with me. You soon turned into a real character with your larger-than-life attitude. I used to swear that you had a Great Dane personality trapped in a tiny little package. You honestly were just the tiniest little rabbit I have ever seen but you were bold and feisty. No one ought to mess with you... especially when it came to your food. You would come and greet me eagerly every morning, sitting on your hind legs just begging for your breakfast... and then in one swift snatch it was out of my hand before I even let go of it. You were our "Lucky-Von-Schnauzer", our little "Luck-Luck". You brought such a light and life to our lives. We treasured every day that you were with us. You truly were a blessing, and we will forever cherish all the wonderful memories that you gave us. Rest in peace our precious little boy. We love and miss you so very much.


Figaro Winstead
1992-August 22, 2009

"I get along with everyone, except other cats. I need a good home. Please give me a chance": so read the hand-written note on the cage of the two-year-old black cat at the shelter. The card was right--except for the part about other cats. When he died at age seventeen, Figaro left behind two kitty friends, along with five rabbits, two humans, and a guinea pig. He met his first house rabbit when Zoe the stray rex hopped into our lives six years ago. Ah, the life of a lagomorph! Figaro snoozed in Zoe's willow tunnel, sprawled under her tent, and chilled in her cottage. He tried grazing on her hay, but that darned stuff just wouldn't stay down. When Zoe acquired a free-roam guinea pig pal, Figaro was cool with that, too, even when the bossy rodent poked him in the butt or nudged him off a lap. We thank the anonymous donor who sponsored Figaro's memorial. Figaro, dear friend and honorary rabbit, we miss you!

Karen Winstead


Fletcher "Red" Boyer

What can I say about my bunbun Fletcher? He was the most beautiful bunny inside and out. His will for life was amazing. I always wanted a bunny and when I saw him on the House Rabbit website, it was love at first sight. One week later he was in my house and officially mine. For the next 5 years we had many crazy adventures together, good and bad. He loved to go on vacation with my husband and me, and could adjust anywhere. Fletcher and I developed a very strong bond and pretty much were inseperatable. He never ran out of bunny kisses for me. One of his favorite things he liked to do was snuggle up with me at night in bed. He'd stay with me for hours. He loved visitors and would always run up and greet them at the door. The looks on their faces were priceless. He lived with 4 dogs and made it very clear that he was the boss of the house. He had the cutest smug look whenever he was content reclining on the couch. Not much bothered him except for spiders. He hated them with a passion. He always sounded the alarm with his foot thumping to let us know one was near. Everyday Fletcher was in my life he always made me smile. He touched everyone that met him. Fletcher was my best friend and showed me what true unconditional love was. I still can't believe that our journey together is over. There is isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. He is greatly missed by so many people, most of all me. I will always be truly grateful to have been his mom.

Shirley Boyer


Bruno Collins
June 24, 2001 – November 8, 2008

To our precious Bruno:

It was love at first sight that August afternoon in 2001. I saw you and our eyes were locked. I knew that you were the one for me - my perfect little bunny. Little did I know just how truly perfect you really turned out to be - perfect in every way. You were there through thick and thin. Good times and bad. You never ceased to show truly unconditional love - from your loving grunts to your affectionate snuggles. You were certainly a boy who loved attention. Your love for attention was only slightly surpassed by your love of food. You would leap and bound through the air to get to my plate and see what I was having for dinner. It was so amazing to be greeted every morning by you as you oinked and ran figure eights around my feet begging for your breakfast. I will always remember your gracious greetings. You were our inspiration and you will forever be in our hearts. We will cherish our wonderful memories of you. You were truly a part of our family, Bruno, and you are missed so very much. We love you with all our hearts.

Kristin & Ross Collins

Friends of Kristen and Ross sponored Bruno's memorial.

Charlotte Rattle

Charlotte Minnie Hall
September 20th, 2006- November 13th, 2008

Dear Charlotte,

I love you very much, and I'm so glad you were a part of my life. Your people offered you to me as they were moving out of their apartment because they had no plans for you. I was not a rat person, and I was totally scared of you, but I fell in love with you when I saw you reaching out of your cage and making grasping motions with your little rattie hands. I remember our conversation in the car on the way home - I told you that it was easier to adopt cute animals like puppies and bunnies, and that I was scared of you and especially of your tail, but that didn't mean I loved you any less, it actually meant I loved you more if anything, and that we'd figure it out. We did figure it out (especially after I gave up trying to pretend you were a mouse :-) ), and you were a great rat - so smart and so sweet. I was wrong about one thing though. You were a very cute furry kid with a beautiful face and nose, and I even came to appreciate the beauty of your tail. I love the way you rearranged your space and were so industrious, especially when you couldn't figure out where to put Michael's sock, and it was on a different floor every time I looked. You'd always come bustling out of your box when I called you, and you loved your blueberries and papaya treats. You had the cutest way of washing your face first and then holding the blueberry like it was this big fruit that had to be held with two hands and savored. And boy, could you jump and climb! You were pretty amazing. I'm so thankful that you were able to live a long life. I found you snuggled up in your new box with your blankies, and I hope you went peacefully while dreaming of blueberries. I miss you a lot, and even with six other furry kids, the house and my life feel very empty without you. I love you very much sweetie, Carrie



Fawn –

I met Fawn at CAHS. Her name was Emily. I got the chance to foster her. I remember bringing her home and setting up a nice pen with a house and toys and when I closed the pen, she went nuts - so I let her out and she was FREE from that time on. She was with me for a year when my bunny Petunia died, so I introduced her to Toby, Petunia's mate. But Toby was only interested in seeing her across the fence. Fawn had a nice space with many toys and hiding places and a custom built wood cottage. She loved to jump on to the 2nd floor of the cottage and sleep. Whenever I called her name she would always peek her head out from wherever she was to say hi. Fawn would always let me hold and kiss her. Fawn was very sweet and loveable. Fawn, I love you and miss you very much !!!

Karen Winstead is the sponsor of Fawn's memorial.


September 6, 2000 to August 4, 2008

Chestnut –

You are one half of the “dynamic duo” known as Joey and Chestnut and were my first true house rabbits. Boy, did you teach me a lot! (Yes, rabbits really do like to chew electrical cords and base boards no matter how innocent they may appear.) I adopted you when I moved into my condo and you’ve been with me for many of my life’s milestones to date so it is difficult now living my life without you in it. I miss seeing you run across the game room floor in the morning and evening to get your fruit. I miss you licking my nose and forehead when I would stick my head underneath the coffee table. I miss watching you grab your wooden plate of greens with your teeth to bring the veggies as close to you as possible so you could sniff out the kale and carrots hidden at the bottom. I miss you keeping Q and I company when we watched TV on the big screen. I miss the “oink” sounds you made when you chased Joey around the game room. I miss seeing you stretch out on the floor with your hind legs straight out in back of you with your chin resting on the carpet. I think that because of you I’m a better person and that the world is a better place. You taught me patience and persistence and to believe in miracles because that’s exactly what you were. You defied the odds and lived with cancer for over 21 months. Never did you give up, not for a single moment or even at the end. You have one of the strongest souls I have ever known and thanks to your body and spirit all the knowledge that we have learned from you will be used to improve the lives of future rabbit generations diagnosed with thymic lymphoma. I believe you are in a better place, reunited with Floyd and other bunnies, and that you are healthy and happy once again. (I saw the rainbow you sent me to let me know you are ok.) I’ve been blessed because you were a big part of my life and I miss you more than words can say.

Karen and Carl Winstead, Eileen Vorst and Jim and Phyl Patterson are the sponsors of Chestnut's memorial.


Nicki Curry
? - 01/19/2008

It has taken me many months to write this memorial. Even as I do, the sadness is still very real to my heart. Nicki was an absolutely incredible rabbit in so many ways that I can still hardly bear life without her. Despite starting out life in horrible conditions, her sweetness and love-of-life personality drew you in from the time you first met her. I adored her and she adored me. Every day she would jump on the couch or chair with me and lay completely across my lap, all 13 lbs of her! She was brave despite the frequent surgeries for two jaw abscesses and clearly wanted to live as much life as she could. Her time with us was way too short, less than 8 months, but the mark she has left on my life will never go away. I have shared my heart and home with many rabbits over the years, and some have come very close to the way I felt about Nicki, but none can match it. Nicki, I miss you very much.

Thanks to Ruth and Dave Nunes, John and Heather Dean, and Eileen Vorst for their sponsorships of this memorial.

Karalee Curry


Barney Dean
??-August 3, 2008

Terri Cook and Karalee Curry are the sponsors of this memorial. John and I had only been married for 6 weeks when we met Barney. It was love at first sight-a black and white Dutch bunny hopping around Karalee's basement. Five minutes after meeting him, he was already giving bunny kisses to John. He had only been in foster care for 3 weeks but Karalee repeatedly told us that she was so in love with sweet little Barney, and had thought about keeping him herself. I could tell Barney was a lover who loved to snuggle and we couldn't wait to adopt him. 12 days into our bunny parenting adventure, little Barney was hospitalized with a severe GI blockage and was given a 25% chance of surviving the night. Thankfully he made it but little did we know that this was the beginning of a rollercoaster ride of health concerns. Before Barney was released from the hospital, he made sure to nibble through the IV cord to let the vet know he was feeling better. After getting Barney through his intestinal issues, he began to sneeze. Was it allergies, a respiratory infection, a tickle in his nose? I don't need to tell "Bunny People" how many tests the vet can run, but I'll tell you Barney had them all. Barney continued to sneeze and despite having tried every antibiotic, over the next couple of years his infection developed into pneumonia. With his patience in enduring an intensive medical regimen, Barney was able to fight multiple infections for nearly 4 ½ years. He took all of his meds in stride and learned to love some of them as long as they tasted like vanilla. Giving Barney his meds and breathing treatments gave us a lot of very special one-on-one time with our little Dutch bun. After a failed bonding attempt with Daphne, Barney was finally able to find the love of his life about 1 ½ years ago. Eleanor was a dream come true as she protected Barney and took care of him when he wasn’t feeling well. She understood that Barney sneezed loudly, often had a runny nose, and oinked like a piggy when he was congested. She didn’t seem to mind any of these things. We, and Eleanor, think of Barney every day. It’s just not the same without the morning kisses and long pet sessions. We also miss the piles of Barney poops around his room and the contents of the litterbox being dug onto the floor. Aside from the occasional mess, Barney gave us so much-we have Daphne and Eleanor because of him. Although devastating, his illness and long-term medical treatment allowed Dr. Herrli to learn more about respiratory disease and possible treatments for many rabbits to come.

Heather and John Dean



Heather and John Dean are the sponsors of this memorial. If ever there was a rabbit who lived up to her name, it was Hope. While living in a shelter, she never gave up her hope of finding her forever home. And she found that home, with Laine, Doug, and Wilson. She inspired hope in all of us that a rabbit could survive stomach surgery. And she would have survived it if her kidneys had not failed her. She gave hope to Teddy, who spent a few precious weeks at her side. And she gave hope to Maggie, Teddy's new friend. Our hope for her is that she will spend eternity snuggling with her beloved Wilson.

Laine, Doug, Teddy and Maggie


01/26/03 – 12/23/07

This memorial is brought to you by Wilson’s aunt Shelley. She knows what a happy, funny rabbit he was and knows how hard he tried to take all his meds and get better. She also knows how hard it was to say goodbye to that cute little face of his. But Shelley isn’t the only one, everybody that met him adored him, how could you resist? Even his pen mate ornery Hope couldn’t resist. We thank Shelley for making it possible for some CHRS foster bunnies to have all the goodies they deserve because we know Wilson would have appreciated it too after having been one himself. We also thank all the people that supported us and him through his illness, don’t know what we would have done without being able to talk to Karalee with all the experience she has and all the wonderful cards we received when he went to his real forever home. I do believe the Rainbow Bridge now has the cutest bunny in the world living there.

Laine, Doug and Hope


In Memory of ButterScotch
1996 - February 19, 2008

Dear Butter Bunny--we miss you so much. You were the best bunny in the world to us, full of spirit and personality and spunk. You were the classroom bunny for our Blake's third grade class, bringing love and cuddles and understanding to children for 7 years before we met you. You came for a visit, and we loved you so much we just had to keep you. You didn't even bat an eye at our three cats--you soon showed them who was boss! We wrote to the teacher asking if we could replace you with another bunny for the class so you could be a permanent member of our family. We were so happy when you were officially ours, and so were you!!

We loved bringing you your favorite treats everyday--kale and apples, and of course other assorted goodies. When you heard us rattle the door to your cage, you'd come running back from whatever part of the house you'd been relaxing or exploring in. You loved to eat and would get so excited to see what was waiting for you, but you were such a lover, petting and cuddles always came before you took your first nibble. Even when you were fiesty and thumping around mad at something or trying to flip over your litter tray, we would just laugh and be impressed at how much attitude you had. You were one in a million.

You were already seven when we got you, and we knew every day was precious time. Still, we were so lucky to have had five wonderful years with you!! You were healthy and strong without a hint of sickness until your very last day. Our hearts are so sad and we miss your giant personality in our home. You will always be in our thoughts and remembered with much love.

Forever your family,

Dawn, Bob, Blake, Max, Blueberry & Enzo


Amelia “Wiggle” Dean

?? - October 6, 2007
From Laine Kathary

It all started with those big brown eyes, blinking at John from a cage at the Capital Area Humane Society. Take me home, she said. We didn’t. Later that day I get a call from John while I’m at work. He has adopted the brown rat from the Humane Society. I frantically spent the next 2 hours of my on-air shift doing rat research. I know all about bunnies with four of my own, but rats? I got home from work and John was setting the rat up in her small one-story cage. I was very frustrated with the thought of taking care of another animal. That would soon change as John had just brought home an amazing, affectionate, intelligent pet and we both quickly fell head over heels for her. Within a week she would have a 3-story condo complete with a hammock, hidey box and lots of toys. Amelia soon noticed that her roommate Chloe got a plate of greens every night. Of course she needed a plate of food, also. How could we say no to those big brown eyes? It quickly became apparent that Amelia would eat anything…except cottage cheese. Her favorite was spaghetti and she would slurp it up like a straw, making sure not to miss a drop of spaghetti sauce. One of the best things about Amelia was sharing dinner with her. Amelia’s dinner often came from Quiznos, Chipotle or Papa John’s. Spoiled does not even begin to describe her.I could go on and on with funny stories about Amelia’s need to constantly be moving and climbing-hence the nickname Wiggle. Rats really should wear safety helmets. I can’t tell you how many times she would fall and hit her head as she bounced off the floor. She’d get up, shake her head, and run back up to do it again. That is when she wasn’t burrowing in our box springs or finding an escape route from wherever she was playing.Wiggle and the bunnies weren’t really friends and had to be kept separated, mainly because she thought the bunnies were jungle gyms to be climbed upon. Plus, rats like to share kisses, but not their food. However, she had a long list of human friends-pretty much every person that ever met her.You haven’t lived until you‘ve taken a bath with a rat! Wiggle may have been small, but her personality and heart were enormous. She taught us how to turn any moment into an adventure, and to enjoy every minute, whether we’re eating, sleeping, or stealing receipts for our nest. We were lucky to have her for just under 1 and a half years but each day was so rewarding. Amelia, like many female rats, developed mammary tumors that eventually grew too big for her body. Losing her has left a painful emptiness in our hearts, but there is nothing better than drying our tears with a bunny, or four.

Heather and John Dean


September 1, 2004 - December 23, 2007
From Michele Schwerdtfeger

It was a cold winter morning in early March of '05,
when I saw something furry and white from the corner of my eye.
I just knew it was the neighbor's pesky old cat,
but when I opened the door to shoo it away, it wasn't a cat at that.
It was a small baby bunny, as cute as could be,
trying to drink from a frozen puddle was he.
I picked him up gently and brought him in,
He was so small, so cold and so thin.
I wrapped him in a towel all snug as a bug,
then I gave him food and water and of course a hug.
I knew we would keep him right from the start,
for it took little time for him to steel away my heart.
He's been with us now for nearly three years,
We've laughed and played and now we are in tears.
He's been real sick and we've done all we can,
He's not supposed to leave us, that's not part of the plan.
Our hearts are broken and our tears they flow,
Nothing more we can do, it's time to let him go.
As he slowly slips away,
There will be only one thing we can say:
We kissed him and hugged him and loved him and called him George.

George left us tonight for that big carrot patch in Heaven. He was a blessing when he found us nearly three years ago. We came to love the little guy so very much and will miss him terribly.


(? - June 19, 2007)

Lucky truly was the best name for our boy. He was found hopping along side a busy rural road about eight years ago. Some caring soul dropped him off at the local animal shelter. I believe the shelter had my future wife on speed dial for any time a rabbit in need of a home and she readily took him in. He was larger than any of the rabbits she had adopted and full of energy. I remember when I first met my wife I wondered why anyone would have a pet rabbit. It didn't take Lucky long to show me why. He soon became my favorite of all her animals (all adopted, just like him). He was always full of spunk and attitude. We loved to watch him wander around the house and check things out. The cats were never a problem. Two were scared of the "Hoppopotamus" and the other two were indifferent. Lucky was great around children too. While we do not have children, our nieces would stop in and always want to visit Lucky and give him a treat. We always liked playing with and caring for Lucky and would tell stories about him any time there was someone willing to listen. Lucky passed away about two months ago. The week before he had cut back and then stopped eating. That was strange as eating carrots and lettuce was one of his favorite pastimes. We took him to the vet and had given us instructions on his care. The Monday he passed, I checked on him before I left for the airport and he seemed much better. He was more alert and some of his food was gone. My wife had said the same thing prior to her leaving for work. That evening, he passed away. We really think he new it would be soon and wanted to say "bye" as best he could. There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about him. Sometimes I think I can still hear him rattling his food dish. One day we'll adopt another rabbit and only hope it's half the bun as Lucky.

Love You, Lucky
Mom and Dad
(Kim & Joe Aston)


Fleur Amelia Hall (aka Flue-y Moo-y)
February 14th, 2005 - June 6th, 2007

Dear Flue-y,

I love you so much, I miss you so much. It hurts everyday not to have you here. I'm so sorry, I never thought going to the vet that day would be so stressful for you, and I will always regret that. I loved being your mom, you were such a little ray of sunshine. I remember when we took Jonathan to bunny dating. I saw you when we first walked into the room, and I loved you right then and was on pins and needles the whole time hoping you would be the one. You were, but Jonathan turned out to be a bit of a grump, so you two never bonded. We didn't care, we loved you for you and were so happy that you were a part of our family. I had wanted a little bunny girl so badly, and you were so beautiful. I remember the whole progression from running from pets, getting the courage to give a sassy oink if we got too close, to cautiously letting me touch your head, to the last weeks when you would let me pet you right after I gave you food. I was so proud of how you grew over time in terms of trust and how you were still curious about new stuff and had the courage to explore even though you had such a rough start in life. I remember in the last month, twice when I gave Jonathan his baby carrot first, you chased him along the shared pen wall like if you caught him, you might just take that carrot. I laughed so hard. Emily misses you and looks for you. You were so patient with her and you two had such a good time, especially when she would stick her big fuzzy paws under your pen and you would dig at them. You two loved that game. I'm sure Jonathan misses you too- you guys lived next door for so long, and he loved to climb on top of his cottage and peek over to see just what you were doing over there. I loved how you would dance in anticipation of food, how you loved herbed hay and dried pineapple treats, how you used to throw toys, how you would zoom up for breakfast so fast sometimes that you would crash into the pen, how you would smack and your back would shiver when you ate banana, and so much more. I love you so much Flue-y, and we had such plans for you at the new house, I wish you were here and would give anything to have you back. Look for a border collie named Lady and tell her I was your mom. I know she'll take really good care of you until I get there. You are in my heart and on my mind always. I love you baby girl, Carrie


In memory of Gus
June, 1999 - November 21, 2006
From John & Heather Dean, Kristen Halladay, and Laine Kathary

Being the CHRS ambassador bunny was easy for Mr. Gus! He loved everyone and everyone sure loved him. I will remember fondly our chapter meetings where Gus would go around the room from person to person asking for some pets and attention. He adored being in the middle of things, especially in his younger days. Gus was the perfect spokesbun for potential adopters showing how wonderful rabbits can be in the home! We loved "The Big Gahuna" with all our hearts and miss him very much.

Chuck and Karalee


In memory of Luigi
2001 - June 13, 2006
From Terri & Jeremy Cook

Señor Luigi, you and your girlfriend Sophia touched our hearts the minute we saw you. We were grieving yet for our beloved Butterscotch and weren’t sure we wanted another bunny, let alone get two. Our uncertainty melted away as soon as we saw your happy face and spunky personality saying “take me home” (good thing you were saying it for you and Sophia since she only gave us an irritated thump!). We loved having you as part of our family and that you so easily accepted having a dog and guinea pig for “siblings”. You were the most amazing jumper, especially when we had your favorite treats of banana or orange. We could also never just pet Sophia as you would make sure your little head was on top of hers, receiving all the attention. Yet, you were always very attentive to your girl, especially for your after dinner “lovey dovey time” with her, grooming her ears and making her feel like a queen (even though she usually didn’t reciprocate). We’re so sorry illness took you away from us too soon, but never sorry we adopted you little Lui.

Jill & Gary


In memory of Sprocket
July, 2001 - Nov, 2005

Sprocket was found by some neighborhood kids in their yard on a July morning in 2001. My girlfriend was the only person they knew who had rabbits before and took him to her. Since he was obviously domestic we put signs on poles, went door to door, and put an ad in the paper. No one admitted to knowing anything about him so Michele adopted him (Or vice versa it seemed at times). Her kids named him 'Sprocket Bunny' and he quickly became part of the family. In November 2005 Michele came home from work and saw he had passed, laying on the bottom of his cage. We don't know what happened but looking back the week or two before he passed he seemed to be more affectionate than normal as he was never overly cuddly (he liked his space) . It almost seemed that he knew his time was short and wanted to say good-bye. My brother would 'bun-sit' from time to time and he too misses him to this day. I won't go into detail of how his passing affected me; we all know what such a loss does. Let me say that I drive a pickup, plow snow, target shoot, and do other 'manly things' but that fur ball had me wrapped around his paw and I still cry about it. We buried him under an apple tree in my yard since he 'needed' apple as often as he could con us into it. I hope, as we all do, to see my friend again. Just before Christmas 2005 Michele gave me an ornament with a bit of Sprocket's fur tied to it and she wrote out this poem:

A few years ago I was abandoned and scared
But you took me in and showed that you cared.
You would let me jump up and sit in your lap
Or just lay beside you taking a nap.
You shared your veggies, and fries, and pie
You told me I was a silly little guy.
I have gone on now to a place that is new
But I want you to know I'll never forget you.
So, please hang this ornament upon your tree
And when you see it --- think of me.
But when you do, please don't despair
You made a good life for an orphaned hare.

Your Bunny Buddy Sprocky
Mike and Michele


In memory of Delaney
? - May 22, 2006

Delaney- I'll never forget the first day I met you. You were living in Karalee's sunroom, enjoying the fresh breezes and your stairsteps. Karalee told me you were shy and didn't like to be petted so I just watched you play a little bit. Karalee and I laughed so hard when we saw you knock a stack of paper napkins off her table so you could jump up and spread yourself on top of it like a Queen. I had no idea then that a year later you'd become my own sweet girl! Foofoo needed a friend and you were the only bunny he met that loved him. You immediately binkied and kissed his head. I could've cried I was so happy! And that's how you came to be our "Laners". I will never forget how happy you made us! Foofoo and I loved you more than words can say. A day didn't pass that you didn't make me laugh and I felt so honored when you finally began to trust me and let me pet and cuddle you. (On your own terms of course!) Ignorant people think Californians aren't cute, but to me you were the CUTEST bunny in the entire world! I loved your pink eyes, big beautiful body, velvety ears and expressive whiskers! I am so sorry that you got sick and I wasn't able to help you. You left us so quickly that I wasn't able to give you everything I promised! I wanted us to have years and years together and I wanted to build you and Foofoo the best bunny playroom I could imagine. Again, I am so sorry this happened to you. I just hope wherever you are you know how much Foofoo and I loved you and will miss you always.
Allyssa Noogle


In memory of Annie
? - July 4, 2005

Annie Maria – The Gentle Giant,
I don’t even know where to begin or even how to put into words the amount of love we have for you. You came into our lives by chance and changed them forever. I remember when I first saw a picture of you on the internet. You were a rescued bunny under the loving care of Karalee Curry of the Columbus House Rabbit Society. You had recently had suffered a broken leg and had undergone surgery and were recovering very well. I read about how sweet, loving, and energetic a bunny you were. How you would do the bunny 500 and jump on just about anything you could reach. Due to the expense of your injury, I initially sent some money to help offset some of the cost. As time passed, I just couldn’t resist actually meeting my future best friend even though you were over 3 hours away. I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. You were so beautiful, alert, friendly, and very big! You had those beautiful long, thick eyelashes which would have made you a shoo-in for a Maybelline commercial. I knew right away this was the bunny for me. So we brought you home and our home became your home. You were free to roam around anywhere you wanted because our house was prepared especially for you (bunny-proofed, toys, etc.). We even added some bird feeders out on our patio so you could enjoy watching the birds play and eat along with the occasional squirrel and duck that would come by. In the evenings you enjoyed watching and “helping” me prepare your big salad with the occasional sample while I prepared it. When it was time for bed in the evenings, I would tuck you in by putting you in your own bedroom with a nice carrot treat to snack on. Mornings were fun because you would be full of energy and would come running into our bedroom and jump up on the bed to be with us. These were just a few of the wonderful moments that we got to share together over the 3 years that we were together. Unfortunately your time had come early and the angels up in heaven called for you to be with them. You were like the daughter I never had and I loved you more than anything. You loved everyone and everyone loved you. I know that when my time comes I will finally get to hold my best friend again in my arms. Until that time is here, you will always be in my thoughts and forever remembered. We love and miss you!
Brian & Shawn Walker


In memory of Weber
? - July 11, 2005

Weber your time with us was too short but you taught me that patience and time will be rewarded a thousandfold with bunny love. You were a generous companion to Bun and a joy for me to see each day. Our relationship progressed from a shy, cautious bunny to a bun that would let me pet him and give him kisses. I miss you Weber and hope you are in a place where you are receiving all the love, grooms, and treats that a special little bunny like you deserves.
Kim Banks


In memory of Cali
? - April 26, 2005

Cali- I miss you so much. You were such a fun rabbit to have around. I loved coming home from work every night to see you guys. I'd say Tucker, Cali, and you'd both come running out of whatever room you were in, unless of course you were getting into trouble! Like the time I kept calling out for you guys and no one came running and I looked in the bathroom, and you weren't there, and I looked in your room, and you weren't there. You were on my bed jumping all over my new clothes. The two of you were having so much fun, and you looked so silly I just couldn't stop laughing. Every day you would jump up on my bed for a Critter Berry, you slowly learned to trust me. You opened up so much to me Cali, I saw so many positive changes in you. You loved to lay at the foot of my bed right in front of the fan, then you would hop down and do a few laps of binkies up and down the hall, and then go stretch out on top of your stairs. I feel so bad that I never knew you had heart disease, but you were always running around doing binkies, so it never crossed my mind that you could be sick. I wish I could have made you better. You had finally found your forever home, and you liked it there so much. You made yourself right at home as soon as we got there and went and laid on top of your stairs. I miss you Cali, and I know Tucker does too, as well as many other people.
Megan Metzger


In memory of Binky Metzger
? - June 19, 2005

Binky- You meant so much to all of us. I loved to watch you play. I loved how you followed me everywhere I went, and nudged me with your nose. You would come running down the hall and your ears would flap so cute, then you would flop over until someone moved and then you would be right on their heels. You were always laying at Dad's feet, just in case some food fell...or in case a few stray pets came your way. You loved to be pet, you would just melt into the floor, and you could lay there for hours, unlike Sparky and Eeyore, who leave after a few minutes. Then there was your pellets, the way you would always stick your head in the bowl so none of the pellets got in the bowl, but ended up all over your head and onto the floor, but you were just too excited, and so hungry. You finally learned how to jump up on my bed, that made me so happy Binky, even if it did only last two weeks. I really didn't mind being woke up at five in the morning, you jumping all over me, shoving your head under my hand, you just wanted me to play with you. Some days I would get up and we would play, other days I would roll over and hide my hands under the covers, a couple of days I even snuck you up there in the afternoon so we could play on the bed when I was awake...however you didn't seem to enjoy it as much. I guess it was just more fun to wake me up. I wish we could have had more time Binky. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I'm sorry Eeyore was so mean to you. I'm going to miss watching you and Mari play together. You were a great rabbit Binky and a great friend too, we loved you so much Binks. Take care of Cali for me.
Megan Metzger


In memory of Flopsy Cook
July 1998 - June 10, 2005
From Jill & Gary Coleman

Punky. Punkyshine. Floppy. Floppin-Moppin. Bunnygirl. Miss Punky-munk. Munkinshine. Even your nicknames can’t begin to tell the story of your charm, your feistiness, your resilience, your SPUNK. You had been shuffled around so much. You came to our home wrapped in attitude that far outweighed your 4-1/2 pounds. I remember looking at you and thinking you hated me, hated us, hated Benjamin. You showed him you meant business. And then you devoted yourself to him completely - and to us. You were his bunny girl; the love of his life - always together, always close, always snuggling. You could still be feisty and still meant business, but always went right back to being sweet. I loved having you share our bedroom and hearing you in the night: toenails on hardwood hopping down the hallway – knowing which of you it was by the sound of your hop; rustling litter as you hopped in and out of the litterbox; munching on your hay or crunching on your greens; pushing your food bowls around as if you thought you’d been underfed; and the sound of you scooting away when Benjamin started buzzing. And of course the sound of you sneezing - Phffft. Phffft. Phffft. - over and over until I would get out of bed to check on you. Then you’d be fine. I loved having you both jump up on our bed on weekend mornings to remind us you hadn’t had breakfast. I especially loved the way you hopped off the bed – holding on with your back toes until the moment I was sure you’d plunge on your nose and then kicking with those big back feet to send you sailing through the air – spread eagle, ears flying – to land several feet down the hallway, only to have to scramble and turn around to run back to Benj. It was quite a sight. When we discovered the problem with your ear, you were so patient with all the harassment of ear cleanings, medications, vet checks. The vet staff was always so amazed at your tolerance. You would let us poke and prod and squirt and dig for as long as it took. You let me learn how to give shots without complaint. You ate your medicine willingly – as long as it was wrapped in something tasty like a Craisin! But we knew we were going on borrowed time. Who knew we’d get three years since that first diagnosis. It will never be enough, but we are grateful for every minute of it. We loved you so much Punkin-munk.
Terri & Jeremy and Benjamin

Earl Grey

In memory of Earl Grey
2000? – 05/05/2005

A little nose poked out from around the kitchen counter. Long ears twitched in anticipation at the sound of pellets rattling in the can and then tinkling into the light green ceramic food bowl on which little bunny paw prints were painted. Finally, unable to stand the excitement any longer, a little gray ball of fur came running around the counter and into the kitchen work area where I was standing. “Oh Earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-rl,” my voice boomed throughout the house. “Pellets!” I shouted. The little fur ball scampered back around the kitchen counter to the spot where he knew the food bowl would land. And then it started – Earl’s “dinner dance” as we called it. Up onto the little wooden stool placed beside a kitchen table leg he would jump, then leap up onto a kitchen chair, then jump back down onto the stool and then onto the floor. Then he would hop up on top of the nearby cardboard box that we called his “condo”, turn around and jump back onto the floor and the whole routine would start again. Up, down, up, down, again and again – and we would be in stitches laughing. Then bang! Down went the pellet bowl and I’d quickly move my hand out of the way just before a large gray furry head (complete with sharp teeth!) plunged into the bowl and began devouring its contents.

Earl Grey was a dwarf chinchilla-colored rabbit and our first bunny. He was VERY cute and very, very fluffy. His dinner dance, which he also performed at breakfast time, was one of several antics of his that delighted us and gave us reason to laugh. We would applaud him when he “twizzled” (our word for a bunny “binkie”) or did the Bunny 500 around our family room. We named his various poses – sphinx, greyhound, regal rabbit. I made up silly songs about him and sung them to him. Earl (and I) enjoyed pets on the little wooden stool beside the kitchen table at breakfast time. Earl was also the official taste tester of the apple twigs that we began providing to Karalee for sale to other CHRS bunnies. He brought lots of happiness into our lives, and he was a bun after my own heart.

Our other rabbit, whom we named Chamomile, has had a longer, happier life than she otherwise would have thanks to Earl. We decided to adopt Cami, who had spent several months at the Hilliard Animal Shelter, so that Earl could have a friend of his own kind.

Earl came into our home the day before our sixth wedding anniversary and left us, suddenly and unexpectedly, six days before our ninth. We had brought him to the vet to have his teeth trimmed and he died of a heart attack while under the anesthesia. We sorely miss our silly little bunny with the distinguished name. We loved him very much!
Dave and Michele Jorgensen


In memory of Brulee
Oct. 1995 - February 6, 2005
From Cara Cox

Hello Everyone,
Brulee left for the Rainbow Bridge today around 11:30am. She died in my arms, and made her transition quickly. She leaves me, and those who knew her, with ten years of wonderful memories. From a sassy young bunny with a head of steam, to a constant loving mate to her dear Hudson for the past 6 years. Full of kisses and always ready for snuggling, Bru was such a sweetheart. And mischievous —she’s the one who wanted to explore, test her boundaries and delight with a hop/skip when caught in the act. She was also a very accomplished artist, deconstructing and remodeling cardboard boxes into new forms custom-chewed to her liking. She was valiant, beautiful and dignified to the end, and I will miss her with all my heart. Thanks to all of you who have cared for her, and prayed for her.
Ellen Eder


In memory of Reese
? - March 14, 2005
From Karen & Karalee

Reese, you were so loved and will never be forgotten.


In memory of Mimi
? - January 31, 2005
From Judy and Cara

We only had you for such a short time but what an amazing bunny you were. You came to us so afraid after all that you had been through. As you realized you were safe, you really let us know what your personality was like. You flopped on your side with such relaxation, you hopped so quick when you knew a treat was waiting, you rubbed noses so sweetly with Coco, our poodle, and you loved lounging around in your litterbox, stretching out from end to end. Leaving us so quickly has left a big hole in everyone's heart who knew you. Mimi, we miss you so much!


In memory of Miss Butterscotch Coleman
December 13, 1995 - November 30, 2004
From Cara Cox

Little Miss Butterscotch, you were Queen B from the moment we brought you home. My mother and I saw you first with a litter of smaller bunnies and there you were, throwing your weight around being Miss Bossy. We knew we had to have you. “Grandma” and I held you upside down like a little baby, snoozing (and snoring a little!) for an hour or more in our arms. You enjoyed taunting “Grandpa” by being mischievous—running through the vertical blinds, throwing your litter and grabbing the toilet paper and running with it, but he could never stay mad at you for long. You enjoyed showing your strength by pushing on my bedroom door and running under the bed only to come out with dust bunnies plastered to your face. When I got married and we had to move to Ohio, you put up with endless hours in the car back and forth to Missouri. You loved your new “Daddy”, Gary, and liked playing a bunny version of soccer with him. Gary also couldn’t keep up with your demands for banana and you were often very pushy, but too cute to resist. We were so proud of you for putting up with a dog and guinea pig after being an only child for so long. I think you found Cookie very interesting, but you do without that little piggy Munchkin! You were also very photogenic, tolerating the endless costume changes for me so I could get the most adorable pictures. We were SO lucky to have you for 9 wonderful years and you will always be in our hearts.
Jill and Gary Coleman


In memory of Isabella Curry
April 27, 1995 - Sept. 21, 2004
From Heather and John Dean


? - April 2, 2004

You were one of those buns with a magical personality. Your happy go lucky spirit was always shining brightly whenever I saw you. I cannot ever recall a moment when you were not at the front of your pen craving human interaction and attention. You always seemed to have this big smile on your face when anyone ever so much as glanced in your direction. For such a little guy, you were full of life. It makes me so very sad to no longer see your expressive eyes beaming with energy and excitement. Your strong will could not fight the infection that ravaged your body in such a short period of time, but your sole will live on forever. You will be greatly missed by anyone who was fortunate enough to know you. I believe we will one day see each other again over the rainbow bridge.


? - December 10, 2003

The past 5 months that I’ve known you have definitely been some of the better times of my life. You brought so much joy and laughter into my home. I have never met another bun who had more personality than you. You had this magical presence about you that always put a smile on my face.

You were so full of energy. You loved doing the bunny 500 around the living room and racing up and down the stairs. I miss hearing the pitter patter of your paws running around especially when you got all keyed up at breakfast, dinner and snack time.

Yet, in the midst of all your activity, you would gladly stop for some nose rubs. Those were your favorite. I’ll never forget you constantly squeezing your nose through the spaces of your pen for nose rubs. You pushed your nose clear through the pen until you couldn’t go any farther because the bars of the pen were pressing your eyes closed. I have never had the pleasure of knowing a more affectionate rabbit than you!

You were the first one I saw in the morning and the last one I would see before going to bed at night. I looked forward to coming home, opening the door, calling your name and seeing your eyes light up now that I was home since that meant that you would soon be out and about.

Your life was cut drastically short and for that I will always be remorseful. I know without a doubt you made the world a better place, especially my world. I’m so fortunate to have gotten to know you and love you.

The realization that you are no longer here on Earth breaks my heart. You deserved so much more out of life. I will never forget you or the vital lessons I learned while you were alive. GI stasis has to be acted immediately upon and taken seriously because the consequences of failing to do so can be fatal. I love you and miss you Harley!!! (More than words can say.)


Fiver (Mr. Bunny)
April, 2001 - November 26th, 2003

I received Fiver in the Spring of '02 from a college professor of mine. I was in his office one day, when he went on and on about how he was just too tired to kill the bunny he planned on eating that night. He gave me a detailed description of how he planned to kill and butcher this bunny. I didn't want to hear about it, so I insisted he bring the bunny to school the next day. I couldn't go home and know what was happening to that poor bunny. So, my professor brought him to school and I named him Fiver.

I knew almost nothing about rabbits. I had heard they could use the litter box so I started from there. In late January of '03 I met Karalee and Lela, and learned a great deal more about rabbits. Fiver and Lela had a very long and difficult bonding until I finally got them bonded sometime early November. Fiver and Lela were bonded for only about three weeks when he suddenly became very sick and died in the car on the way home from the vet office. Lela never got to say goodbye. Even after the necropsy, it is still not clear what killed him.

I am still trying to get over his death. He was my very special little guy. He had chubby cheeks and he was always giving me kisses. Everyday I think about how much I want him back and let him know just how much I really love him.


In memory of Baxter Curry
April 10, 1995 - May 5, 2003
From Cara Cox


? - April 19, 2003


Though I barely knew you more than a week, it was enough time for me to be completely taken in by your ever so sweet disposition and gentle nature. You are by far one of the most affectionate rabbits I have ever been fortunate enough to know.

You are also the "poster child" of a rabbit who became deathly ill because your caretaker ignored your signs and for that I truly regret whatever pain and suffering you were forced to endure before I got you.

I believe I was destined to meet you. I need to better learn how to properly interpret and promptly act on the signs in order to save bunny lives. By our brief encounter, I feel I have learned a very important lesson.

I have some solitude in knowing you're now in a place where you can hop freely and live happily ever after. I look forward to one day seeing you again over the rainbow bridge.


Snoopy Meyer
April 2002-December 31, 2002

Snoopy came into my life in the beginning of May 2002. He captured my eye while I was shopping at a pet store for some bunny supplies for my other rabbit, Velvet. His sweet little face looked up at me and melted my heart instantly. He was so tiny and looked so unhappy. You see, the right side of Snoopy’s little 2lb. body was covered in abscesses and scabs. I pointed it out to the pet store worker and he said not to worry about it. I went home that night and could not get him off of my mind. I talked to Matt and decided that I would go and get Snoopy the next day, even though I wasn’t planning on owning another bunny and had no place to keep him. I went up to the pet store and complained about how the worker had treated me the day before and told them that I was going to take the bunny because he needed medical attention. And so I took Snoopy straight to my work and left him there to have surgery the next day. Dr. Gilbert removed a bunch of tumors from the side of his tiny body, using 18 sutures to close him up. Amazingly, that night he was doing just great. Unfortunately, the histopathology report came back saying he had lymphosarcoma, a very rare and horrible cancer. But I could not give up on him, his spirit was just too strong and amazing. He was very depressed for the next couple of weeks, barely eating anything and backing away when I went to touch him. But he let me clean his surgery site and give him his antibiotics. So, for about three months Snoopy and I battled through continuous abscesses and antibiotics, until I decided to have surgery performed on him again. By this point, Snoopy trusted me with every inch of his now 4lb. body. He would just sit in my lap and let me manipulate him however I needed to. The second surgery went very well, so I had him neutered while he was under. From that point on Snoopy was the love of my life. I took him to the rabbit doctor at OSU and had blood tests and X-rays done to make sure he was healthy. She said he was perfect and was one of the healthiest bunnies she had ever seen. He was the most amazing and gentlest soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When ever I had a bad day he would snuggle with me and let me know that everything would be okay. He was my miracle bunny and I would have given anything for him. He even came home with me when I would go visit my parents. Unfortunately, on December 31 I went into Snoopy’s bedroom to give him his breakfast before I went to work and he would no come out from underneath the bed. I knew something was wrong because he would usually run out to greet me. I took him to work with me and we took X-rays, ran a urinalysis and tried to get him to eat. Around 2 o’clock he had a seizure and died, taking with him a large piece of my heart. Before he went he looked up at me, right into my eyes and said good-bye. I will never forget that or the love he gave me. No one or nothing will ever fill the hole in my heart that Snoopy left behind, but I would do it all over again for him and his amazing love.


December 1996-May 14, 2002

You left us so suddenly after brightening and bringing meaning to our lives for over five years. We never realized that it was going to be our last day together. Now all we have left are the memories: the sound your feet made when hopping along the carpet, your bunny kisses and how you would nudge our hands for more cuddles, how you would jump on the bed in the middle of the night looking for love. We feel lost without you and wish we would open up the bedroom door to see you there again scratching and looking for us. Please know that we love you very much and will never forget you.
With all of our love,
Dawn and Kevin


Melinda's "Magnolia" by her friend William