Safety Updates

This page is provided as a means of passing along information on products that have caused, or could cause potential harm to your rabbit. This information comes from rabbit caretakers who wanted to share their experience with other rabbit caretakers.

Swheat Scoop Litter - we have had a few people write to us to say that when they tried to use this litter their rabbit started to eat it, lots of it. In one particular case recently, the rabbit's stomach shut down and vet care was needed to get things moving through. If you use this litter, please make sure to have a protective screen of some sort to prevent your rabbit from having access to a litter dinner.

On a similar note, corn cob and clay litters are known to cause problems also so please don't let your rabbit have access to nibbling on these products.

Frontline - we have gotten information from all over the country about Frontline being fatal to rabbits. There are warnings on other HRS websites too. The makers of Frontline have now put a warning on the box about Frontline being harmful to rabbits. If Frontline is used, immediate medical care is needed to try to prevent death.