Wish List

Are you looking for a way to help our foster rabbits? Read on.....There are lots of ways you can make a foster rabbit do a bunny flop of contentment!

  • Since buns love to eat and drink so much, you guessed it!  We need litter and litter boxes :-)  (jumbo & large litter boxes please, at this point we have plenty of the small and medium ones)  Our buns do well with wood stove pellets, Yesterday's News, and Oxbow Pure Comfort.
  • Did someone say toys???  Yes, toys!  We are always looking for toys for our buns to play with. Hard plastic toys, untreated wicker baskets, balls, toilet paper and paper towel cardboard spools, you get the idea. We love to share toys with our shelter buns too!
  • Buns love their bellies full. Our shelter rabbits need pellets (Purina rabbit chow, please). Buying hay?  Buy a bag or two extra for our shelter buns.
  • Do you have an extra exercise pen?  We would love to have it!  Roomy housing arrangements make happy bun campers.
  • Office supplies, including copy and printer paper, envelopes of assorted sizes, stamps, printer ink, etc., would be much appreciated. Supplying educational information to the public is a large part of what HRS does and we need supplies to do it.
  • Do we need to say it?  Monetary donations to help pay for veterinary expenses are always welcome!

If you would like to drop off some donated items, please e-mail Danielle or call first to set up a time. Thank you so much for helping us help needy rabbits.  We can't do it without you!